Month: August 2013

Inflammaging? And how to stop it!

I admit it, I was party to my own inflammaging problem.  I loved glycolic, the more the better. What I didn’t realize back in the day was that I was actually creating far more long-term damage to my skin. Yes, I was getting the instant fix, but I was also causing invisible, chronic inflammation and irritation on my skin. See what Constance Campion has to say. I slowly began to realize this phenomenon and started to change my habits and my products. On the surface, for a 45 year old, my skin is relatively ok.  But under a Reveal Imager, or woods...

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Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 90, Week 12

I’m not sure exactly when it started. It might have been during my last (very stressful) week at work. It might have been during the first few days as a ‘freelance writer’ (or, unemployed, depending which way you like to spin it). Or perhaps it was after the first night I really, really caught up on my sleep for the first time in months. Whenever it was, it was the last thing on earth I wanted. After two months enjoying the best skin I’ve ever had, the worst possible thing happened in the run-up to the wedding. Worse than...

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