Month: September 2013

Medico Beauty is on YouTube!

  Don’t forget to check out our YouTube videos regularly. With information on everything from brightening your skin and premature ageing to learning how to achieve amazing results with our Managing Director, Aysha Awwad. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler and Instagram–taking the social media world by storm  ...

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Skin Cop – Constance Campion – Understanding Chirality: Part 1

It would be difficult not to notice the vast array of innovative technologies that have sprung up since the birth of medical aesthetics in the early 90’s.  Steadily developing over the past twenty years, the menu continuously expands unabated. What professionals are now starting to note more seriously, however, is the resulting information emerging about what our advanced beauty shoppers’ and aesthetic patients really want. Most notably evidenced by Clairol and P&G Beauty Research is the fact that 87% of those surveyed stated that they would like better skin, with women worldwide being concerned most about the effects of ageing facial...

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Rethinking Anti-Ageing Serums

Our aim here at Medico Beauty is to educate our aestheticians, customers and readers on everything from new scientific innovations, product technologies, to treatment protocols and more.  We wanted to highlight the below article, as it is a topic that our Skin Cop, Constance Campion has been talking about for some time. Our articles will tend to be scientifically-based, but a good solid understanding of retinoids and how far they’ve come will help the aesthetician make strides in treating their clients…and those of us that are on the other side of the treatment table, the information of course just makes...

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