Month: October 2013

Luna Pro Supercharged Dermal Infusion Advanced Med Facial

  In the world of beauty the single most popular buzz word has always been “Exfoliation”. More recently, it’s become a dirty word, with treatments professing instant results through various means. Not all exfoliation is good for you. Slow, cautious, and continuous exfoliation, however, is under most circumstances a healthy method of increasing skin renewal. At Medico Beauty we only support lines that are gentle to the skin. Gentle doesn’t mean ineffective. In fact, gentle and intelligent products will work together with the skin’s natural process, creating an incredible change without the irritation, damage and wounding so common in...

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My Healthy Life: Arianna Jacobs

Contemporary art specialist Arianna Jacobs suffered from problem skin until summer 2011, when she discovered the Medico Beauty philosophy and Cosmedix products.   Breakouts and oil were a big issue. My skin was often sore, extremely sensitive and unpredictable. One day it might be all clear and then suddenly the next day I would have a breakout that could last for months. I found this highly unpleasant and the situation did not make for a healthy relationship with my skin! I realise now that the products (filled with chemicals) which I previously used to try to fix the problems...

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Skin Cop – Constance Campion – Chirality vs Glycolic Acids: Part 2

Wide use of Glycolic acid Glycolic acid is widely used by the vast majority of therapists and practitioners in the hope that it will resolve common cosmetic skin concerns in every category of cosmetic skin concern.  Leading author Leslie Kenton, founder of Origins discusses the merits of chiral correction in her book Skin Revolution, (co-authored with her son Jesse a leading plastic surgeon). Kenton describes glycolic acid as the most widely used AHA, and adds that glycolic acid, is a caustic chemical related to the amino acid glycine, used in peels and to dissolve the dead cells on the...

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