Month: March 2014

What are the Reveal and Image Pro?

  Medico Beauty regularly sends its incredible Reveal and Image Pro digital machines to its many partners centres across the country. This machine helps you and your practitioner to really understand the very root of your skin issue and prescribe the best treatment package appropriate.   Both machines are fitted with a special camera attached to a computer. These cameras provide incredible photographic analysis of skin quality on a very advanced level. The true extent of your Sun Damage, Lines, Oil, Blemishes and Dryness will all be revealed in much more detail than can ever been seen with just the naked eye.   Best of all, after undergoing...

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Medico Beauty Advanced Skin Results

  We at Medico Beauty are extremely proud of the amazing skin results we can achieve with our incredible Advanced Skin Health Technology Systems. The testimonies really do speak for themselves: check out what Emily, Dominique, Lucy, Arianna, Katherine, Vera and Jemma all had to say about the life changing improvement in their skin quality and health they all experienced by following a MEDICO BEAUTY regime. Recently, in an eight-week clinical test, CosMedix matched 13 women, aged 27 to 70, with a professional peel series and home care programme tailored to their needs. In 4 weeks, over 95% of participants...

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Professional Seminar

Medico Beauty was delighted to host both the CEO, Robert Cohen, and Vice President, David Valenzula, of CosMedix and Results Rx last week. It was an absolute pleasure to connect with our colleagues in London. Following two very busy days at Professional Beauty, we hosted a one-day skin masterclass seminar in London at the NH Hotel on Gloucester Road. Constance Campion (aka Skin Cop), Awwad M. Awwad (from PSA UK) and Aysha Awwad presented, along with David. Many of our wonderful professionals from all around the country attended. For the day, the aim was to educate, invigorate and inspire....

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