Month: August 2015

CosMedix Blueberry Smoothie – Treatment Spotlight

Treatment Summary Improves congestion Brightens the complexion The skin appears crystal clear and radiant This is the first in a new series of blog posts turning the spotlight on CosMedix metabolic skin peels this one being the CosMedix Blueberry Smoothie. Focusing on the ingredients and benefits of the peels, including what conditions they are designed to treat and what makes them so unique compared to other treatments on the market. Starting with a new generation of chemical peels that can instantly refresh everyone’s complexion and make noticeable improvements.  CosMedix Blueberry Smoothie, can only be described as the universal solution...

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Good Business Ideas For Beauty Salons & Medi-Spa’s

August is a notoriously quiet month for the beauty industry with clinics, medispa and beauty salon services often see a lull in product sales and spa treatments during this month, as clients go on holiday abroad. Not all clients go away however and certainly not at the same time, so it doesn’t have to be a quiet month! We just need to entice clients with the right incentive to get them through the door and willing to spend money on treatments and still have enough money to exchange into Euros…..(or which ever currency they need for their destination of choice!) Focus, Target,...

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