Month: August 2016

Did You Know Sugar Ages Your Skin?

Did You Know Sugar Ages Your Skin? We all know that sun damage is the number 1 cause of premature skin ageing, but did you know that a diet high in excess sugar can be just as damaging and cause you to age must faster? Over consumption of sugar is THE health epidemic of our generation. Sugar addiction is common in the UK with nutritional experts reporting that we as a nation consume double the recommended daily amount of sugar in our diets. Sugar and The Skin While the overall health implications for a diet high in processed sugars are not good, one...

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Transformation Tuesday – Andy

Transformation Tuesday – Andy Introducing our very own Andy Millward, Aesthetician and Education Manager for Medico Beauty and popular private facialist. Our Transformation Tuesday will be a little different this time as Andy has completed all the treatments himself based on his expert knowledge and Medico Beauty training. Andy, tell us a bit about your skin and what concerns you had? I’ve always had very oily, acne-prone skin. Throughout the majority of my twenties I had quite severe acne. Predominantly around my temples and across my forehead. At the time I was also starting to show the early signs...

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