Month: September 2016

Transformation Tuesday – Treat Melasma with Cosmedix

Claire Treated her Melasma over 10 months using COSMEDIX  Claire had been suffering from Melasma for several years and like many woman she wanted to have the courage to be able to go makeup free, but her confidence was low. Melasma is a common skin condition in which light to dark brown patches of pigmentation occur. Although melasma does not cause any itchiness or pain many women find these dark patches embarrassing and difficult to cover with makeup. Claire’s main areas of concern were mainly her forehead, upper lip and eye area which are fairly common facial areas affected by...

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Understanding and Treating Enlarged Pores

Understanding Enlarged Pores Enlarged pores and the blackheads that commonly accompany them are a concern for many of us. They are stubborn to treat, however using correct skin care products and professional treatments will help you to manage and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads. Unfortunately, it is the case that many people treat their skin with the incorrect products in an effort to ‘close’ pores and get rid of blackheads and congestion, when in fact the majority of these products only serve to exacerbate the problem. It is therefore vital that you must first understand what is causing...

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Treatment Spotlight: COSMEDIX Blueberry Jessner Peel

Our treatment spotlight for this month is the fantastic COSMEDIX Blueberry Jessner Peel.   What is a Blueberry Jessner Peel? This peel is a progressive exfoliating skin treatment that is part of the COSMEDIX Tomorrow Peel range. It contains active ingredients including chirally correct L-Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol in addition to Blueberry extract. When applied to the skin the COSMEDIX Blueberry Jessner Peel will provide a superficial to medium depth exfoliation, which means it will treat beyond the surface layers of your skin and into your dermis, it contains the highest acid content of all COSMEDIX treatments. What Skintype...

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